Why hair & body care products?

Three Reasons

  1. Caring for sensitive skin is complicated. I needed products that were made with easy to find, natural ingredients vs. heavy chemicals and perfumes.
  2. Looking for products that met my criteria was a challenge. I wasted a lot of money trying product after product, collecting bottle after jar, after tube... I moved from an apartment years ago and could not believe how many BOXES I had full of hair and body lotions, sprays, hair grease, serums, you get it. How many products does anyone need for ONE body?
  3. As a home cook and baker, I completely understand the value of using quality ingredients to make EXACTLY what you want.  When you make it, you know what's in it, SIMPLE.

The products sold here are made of just a few simple ingredients with the understanding that one product can serve many needs, if created thoughtfully.

With time invested in research, consulting dermatologists, and working with certified and regulated products, commercial and therapeutic grade, I've found a core group of essential oils, reliable bases/carriers for lotions, oils and butters.  My blends beautifully care for your entire body, all year around.

What I've Found Is What I'm Sharing With You | A small collection of oils can serve the needs of dry skin to naturally hydrated, suitable for a variety of skin type, regardless of ethnicity.

Everyone's hair and body needs moisture...protection...relief.

With that foundation, the scent trials began - seeking unisex blends that effortlessly accentuate different skin types, last all day and never overpowers the other products you may also wear, like sunscreen, aftershave or body splash.

Enjoy the 2 ounce size that has become quite popular for testing, tucking into a side compartment of your favorite gym bag or traveling in carry-on luggage.

Use the contact page on this site or leave a message at 844-377-1077 with your feedback, scent requests, or custom orders!